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cassi ♥
United States

Favourite style of art: Japanese anime/animation, semi-realism.
Wallpaper of choice: Shin Megami Tensei, Legend of Zelda
Favourite cartoon character: Ghirahim
[X] You've seen at least one anime.
hooo boy have I.

[X] You've read at least one manga.
good times.

[/] You watch anime/read manga on a regular basis.
it's been in decline recently, but there are still one or two series I try and keep up with.

[X] You think that anime and western cartoons are two separate things.

[] You're in anime club.
I'm in an Asian culture club, and while we do have Anime Day, it's not the primary focus.

[X] You've cosplayed at least once.

[] You counted Halloween costumes from when you were a kid as cosplay.
what no.

[/] You cosplay in public.
do conventions count as public?

[X] You've been to at least one anime convention.
heehee they're a lot of fun. you meet a lot of interesting people, too.

[X] You cosplayed there.
yup. and I'm working on another costume now.

[?] You travelled more than 200 miles to get there.
uhh well. I went to a con in NYC once...not sure how long it took to get there, though.

[/] You like Japanese food.
sort of. I like ramen and rice and the different kinds of buns they have--hibachi's a ton of fun too. but I'm no expert.

[X] You like any of the following in particular: sushi, Pocky, cheap ramen, ramune.
POCKY fdjfdjgkjgh I don't care how weeaboo-ish it is, that stuff is fantastic.

[X] You know that sushi isn't just raw fish.
ew. raw fish alone would be nasty.

[] You've made bento lunch.

[] You've made a charabento.
what's the difference from a regular bento...?

[] You go to the Asian shop on a regular basis.

[] You've actually been to Japan.

[] You've been to Japan solely for the anime, video games or idols.

[] You're learning/know Japanese.
HA tried to self-teach once. didn't work out.

[] You're learning it to watch anime without subtitles.
I like subtitles, so while it'd be convenient, I doubt I'd utilize it much in that regard.

[] You have Japanese blood.

[] You CLAIM to have Japanese blood. people like this actually exist--

[] You're in love with a fictional character made by Japanese people. comment.

[] You claim you're married to said fictional character.
o-only in my mind--

[] Anime is so much better than western cartoons.
not necessarily.

[] You call all cartoons anime.

[] Anyone who hates anime is dead to you.
as long as they don't attack me personally for what I like, I could care less.

[] You call characters by their original Japanese names.
it really depends. like...Ash Ketchum will always be Ash Ketchum to me. it's what I grew up with.
most of the time I will stick with Japanese names, but only because I usually don't like the Western ones.

[] You call characters by their romaji spelling
ew no.

[] You defend Pearl Harbour.

[] You think Pearl Harbour's a new anime that just started airing in Japan.

[] You think Japan is the greatest country on Earth.
far from it. there's no such thing as a perfect country, because countries are dominated by people--and flawless is the last thing that mankind is.

[] You think that just because they make the best media.

[X] You listen to J-music.
yeah, here and there.

[] Exclusively.

[] You know that it's pronounced "Gakuto" and not "Gackt".
.......huh. you learn something new everyday.

[/] You can name all the Vocaloids.
....I can name the primary ones?

[/] You like Hetalia.
not as crazy about it as I used to be. it's cute, but my hype has died down substantially.

[] You think Japan is the best character.
actually I think he's the worst character. he bores me to no end.

[/] You wear items of anime-related clothing in public.
I've got a Death Note shirt, I guess, and I have a few buttons. but other than that, not really.

[] You play only Japanese videogames/watch Japanese shows/eat Japanese food.

[] You use Japanese honorifics.
nahhh. that's a strictly cultural thing.

[] To refer to yourself.

[/] Your entire room is full of anime merchandise.
......uh. I have posters...and prints from cons...orz;;;

[] You changed your name to something Japanese.

[] Legally.

[] You want to give your kid a Japanese name.

[] You want to name your kid after an anime character.
lol isn't that abuse or something.
what if someone named the kid Pico.

[] You've considered having surgery to look oriental. people really do this?

[] You've had it done.

[] You stalk the Japanese exchange students.
I probably wouldn't even notice them. derp.

[] You've been arrested for doing so.

[X] You use memes in daily conversation.
...yes but so does everyone else I know. s-so no judging.

[X] You watch abridged series.
Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged is funny. I should really try and catch up...

[X] You get most of the jokes.

[] You use tildes while typing~
not so much anymore. I'm all about dashes now~

[] You use Japanese emoticons.
nope. too lazy.

[] You make attempt to Japanese sounding by the Engrish typing.
do you really want to awaken a dormant grammar nazi.

[] You claim you're Japanese on your dA/Facebook/Myspace/whatever.

[X] You're not.

[X] You're not even Asian.

[] If you're Asian, you think doing Japanese stuff helps you get in touch with your heritage.

[X] And you're not even Japanese.

[] People call you a weeaboo.
HAHAHA not yet.

[] You prefer the term otaku.

[] You break out into Caramelldansen in public.
pfff. not my scene.

[/] You want to date a Japanese person.
I find Asians very attractive in general--

[] No other nationality will do.
--but I don't discriminate.

[] You watch Naruto.
not anymore.

[] You wear the headbands.
I think I was tempted to at one point...but I copped out.

[] Every day.

[] You're bitching at me because they're properly called "forehead protectors."
but--what about the characters who wear them on their arms or around their necks--

[] You bought said headban- erm FOREHEAD PROTECTOR at Hot Topic.

[] You act out scenes from the show.

[] FFVII is the best game ever.
you shut your whore mouth.

[] Sephiroth is yours.
no he's an asshat.

[/] Kingdom Hearts is awesome.
it's cute. lots of *~friendship~* and rainbows.

[/] AxelxRoxas is KAWAII DESU NE~~~!!1
....I like the ship, but not the way this meme portrays it.

[] You wish you owned a real Death Note.
occasionally. but I could never bring myself to use it.

[] Touhou rocks your life.
what even is--

[] Anime dubs are the spawn of Satan.
OBJECTION. there are some pretty kick-ass dubs out there. like Gurren Lagann. oh boy.

[] Vic Miginola is God.
I think you mean Johnny Young Bosch Vic's all right. he's no god, though.

[] It's seiiiyu, not voice actor.
same difference.

[] You use gratuitous Japanese all the time.

[] You add "desu" to the end of every sentence.

[X] The only thing you draw is anime.
......mostly. but it's not all that I'm capable of.

[/] All your friends also like anime.
not all of them, but the grand majority.

[] You want to become a mangaka.
used to.

[] In Japan.

[] Most of your manga/anime is hentai.

[X] You know that "hentai" doesn't mean "porn"

[] You write fanfics for English class.

[] Yaoi fanfics.

[] You know nothing about Japanese culture except for anime, videogames, idols, music, porn and schoolgirls.

[] Everyone says you have no life.
haha nope, just me.

[X] And it's true.

Score: 21. this is encouraging.

0-10: You probably hate Japan. You're not a weeaboo at all, not even close.
10-20: You like SOME Japanese things but, still not a weeaboo.
20-30: At this stage you probably still hate weeaboos. Good news- you're not one.
30-40: You keep your love of Japanese stuff sensible.
40-50: You're very likely a Japanophile, but you're not as annoying as a full-blown weeaboo.
50-60: You're not a weeaboo just yet, but try and moderate it.
60-70: Weeaboo.
70-80: Please stop it!!!!!!
101: Insane asylum tiems.
  • Listening to: misery -- good charlotte
  • Reading: slashy fanfiction
  • Watching: crack couple AMVs
  • Playing: ace attorney investigations


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